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  Voyager automatic pool cleaners are robust and hardworking models. They feature exceptional design for use in a variety of pool sizes and shapes. Spares are freely available and inexpensive to ensure that you get the most from your pool cleaner.
 Product Features
no frills simplified design;
one moving part;

advanced swivel technology offering good random movement and pool coverage;

minimal suction, small pump of 0,5hp;

ideal for a wide variety of pool shapes, surfaces and water depths;

UV stabilised, high quality, and long life material used, suitable for most pools;
3 year warranty;

new hi-tech hammer design for quieter operation and better debris cleaning capability;

easy debris removal from drive mechanism;

no hose weight necessary;

has built in floatation system.

 A Note on Vinyl Liners

Kindly note, an automatic pool cleaner may be used in pools with vinyl liners, however, please bear in mind that such a pool lining has an approximate life of 10 years, and if your pool cleaners gets stuck in a corner, remove it from your pool and contact us for a solution to this problem. You should also check for any damage to the lining prior to installing any automatic pool cleaner.

 Installation Video

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 Voyager in Action

  Ordering Information
VOYAGERHEAD   Hammer (flapper) Type Pool Cleaner only
VOYAGERCOMBI   Hammer (flapper) Type Pool Cleaner complete with 10x 3ft hose.


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